Lilly Scott and William Duncan form the Brooklyn-based duo, Pleasure Prince


     Surfacing from the creative mecca that is Brooklyn, Pleasure Prince stands alone as a truly new and unique sound. The duo have crafted a cinematic essence of steamy, passionate, synth-pop. AXS Los Angeles reviewed their latest singles saying, “Scott and Duncan beam their love up to a place where experimental and pop music come together in perfect harmony.” Their lyrics ooze sensual delight, and their energetic live shows leave crowds beaming with smiles. Brooklyn blog The Deli Mag, noted their vocals “echo the sweetness and retro-futuristic sci-fi edge of the much beloved Broadcast.” Blending electronica and psychedelic influences, Pleasure Prince is an emerging band that deserves more attention.

  Pleasure Prince was born after Scott and Duncan moved to New York City in late 2014. Both talented multi-instrumentalists and producers, they compose each song themselves in their Brooklyn studio. They released their first two singles, "No Work Today" and "You Look Good To Me" the following year, receiving national press with only internet releases.

In October 2018, they released their long awaited debut EP, “Entry.”

New York City blog, ‘Audiofemme’ premiered their new record saying, “In the not-so-distant future, when the earth is covered in red sand dunes and everyone is finally wearing floor length metal space dresses, humans will need some sick jams to make love to. Brooklyn’s own Pleasure Prince is eager to provide the musical backdrop.”

Pleasure Prince has been hard at work in the studio since the release of “Entry”, recording their follow up full-length record, The “Patterns LP” - set to release March 2020. The first single from the record, “The Bedroom”, will debut August 2nd, 2019.